World Schizophrenia Day: ‘My mind is my worst enemy’

I had to be 10 years old, trying to finish my homework in my room when I detected the abnormal presence. I felt some discomfort in the belly was getting scared. I was sure there was someone else in the room with me. You know the kind of feeling when someone is standing behind you, looking at you … you know someone is there. I screamed at my mother. She tried to make sure everything was fine. I was not very convinced. I looked behind the curtains, through the cabinets, closets, under the beds, among all the cracks I could see.

Did not know what he was looking for – a person? an animal? Both? It was a monster. I just heard grunts. But you could imagine what to look for: red and black eyes, a powerful structure of brilliant blue-green, but human. Its negative force could aspire to my soul.

I was afraid to be in my own room. I started to run. He began to follow. Not only that, the monster has increased in many worse ways. Higher, stronger, stronger, more terrifying. Their voices become strong enough, their words now make sense to me. His fingers began to pinch the skin.

I tried to get used to strong electronic music to drown out their voices and focus on what others could see, but unfortunately, I have not succeeded. sarkari naukri Those demons knew that they were stronger than I and decided to try it; Day after day, his roar became louder, his shadows became darker and more defined, his fingers began to pull me on my skin and my hair until I went and asked them what they wanted. We were told they were with me forever, their voices asked me to take a razor blade and tear my skin. Cedí.

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