We started performing prayers and rituals as instructed by the priest but it hardly made any difference in the subsequent jobs

People always talked behind my back constantly to judge me, make fun of me, hinder my progress. It came to such an extent that I had to see all my actions. Any sound I made while you got me upset annoying. I analyzed and reanalyzed every word that came out of my mouth, because I do not want it to be used against me.

“Do not say that,” my friend said.
Sometimes I used to deal with my colleagues shouting them. And then run away.
“What were you thinking? Are you tall?” They asked.
“This is the real me, you have to pay” I threw them out.

I was asked to resign.
My friend told me that I have to teach them a lesson.

I changed 10 jobs in 8 years. Nothing has changed. My parents forced me to see a psychologist. He told me he had schizophrenia. I realized that he was not my friend, in fact, there was no friend. It was my mind. My mind was in my worst enemy. The stories above are those of Lakshmi and KASIB. They suffer from a serious mental disorder known as schizophrenia, a psychotic disorder characterized by hallucinations in which a person can perceive many things, sights and sounds even in the absence of external stimuli. In explaining the trauma of a person suffering from schizophrenia, Dr. Deepika Tiwari, director of the Anant Foundation, said: “Come and hear what others can not, creating a sense of suspicion in their minds because their perceptions are absolutely real For the exception of these difficulties, people with schizophrenia are also best books for gate exam sensitive to others.The main problem lies in the nature of psychotic disorder when they can not accept that they have a problem.

“Consider a nightmare while you’re awake,” is the way E Fuller Torrey in his book Surviving Schizophrenia describes the challenges a patient faces.

Since many patients suffer from sensory overload, they have difficulty relating to others. According to a young man with schizophrenia, “social situations were almost unmanageable. I have always found myself far away, anxious, nervous or just stranger, taking unnecessary snatches of conversation and asking people to repeat and tell me what they were referring to.

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