Old boys’ reunion: Ravi Shastri joins Virat Kohli & Co as Team India head coach

After a busy day of consultations, new escapes and denials, India’s cricket team had three coaches: Ravi Shastri as head coach, Zaheer Khan as bowling coach, and Rahul Dravid, the consultant battalion of test matches abroad.

Sanjay Bangar continue as coach of the hype team and all the appointments will take place until the 2019 World Cup. The wait for the Indian coach had threatened to become an endless drama of suspense just a day after the interviews of the candidates.

Monday ended with Sourav Ganguly saying that the final decision could take a few days while Virat Kohli, on vacation in the United States, had to be consulted. However, things have risen dramatically on Tuesday with reports announcing Shastri as next coach before stopping the Indian cricket board at night to deny them.

But hours later, the BCCI has authenticated confirming that the new coach of India is indeed Shastri, and also unveiled the names of Zaheer and Dravid.

Tuesday had noticed with the news that the leader of the administrators appointed by the Supreme Court (CoA) Committee Vinod Rai had set a deadline for the training process: he wanted the BCCI to decide and announce the name of the coach Tuesday .

In the afternoon at an event, Ganguly responded to Rai’s remarks. “Let’s talk to you (Rai) .I’m going to talk to him.He’s a very respected man.He (Rai) has the right (to ask).

The reason we wanted to (wait) was because Virat is on vacation in America, and I do not want to disturb him during the break. This afternoon, I had to go to Delhi, but it was canceled, “Ganguly said.

The afternoon broke with feverish speculation about the appointment of Shastri before the BCCI did not participate in a denial and said the process was ongoing.

“There has not been a decision on the appointment of the new coach, the CAC debate (Cricket Advisory Committee) yet,” said BCCI acting secretary Amitabh Choudhury. “I think the three who call themselves the subject are very important people.”

One of the great figures Ganguly, landed in Calcutta at 21 hours, and said: “Nothing will end the announcement will be made in due course, if necessary, we will talk to Virat.”

Just one hour later, the confirmation from the BCCI acting president CK Khanna was that the process is over, and Shastri will be the new coach of India and would be assisted by Dravid and Zaheer.

Since his international retirement in 2012 and the retirement of the IPL in 2013, Dravid has found a way to be associated with the development of young cricket players.

He is the coach of Indian quarterbacks A and T-19, and has already found the teen acclaim Hardik Pandya in Mumbai Prithvi Shaw.

“I made my return to the Indian team in two and a half months, while many said I would not return, even in two years. I also thank Mr. Rahul, he left and spoke to me.

I still remember when I went a couple of times in people who had me one day, he asked me to come and sit next to him and say “Hardik, you are the guy who has the talent to represent India, then you must express yourself and Handle situations, “the general said.

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