Lost In The Spectacle

The global context changes with political parties with strong religious identities and conservative economic policies events or festivals in countries like India, the United States and, to some extent, Britain.

On the other hand, liberal regimes are flourishing in France and, for some time in Canada. The New York Times Magazine was recently a topic in the United States Constitution.

In India, Congress agreed on the Movement for Freedom in the resurrection of the National Herald and its triumvirate of Gandhi, Nehru and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel indomitable.

The NYT issue in the US Constitution made the interesting point that James Madison had pushed through a constitutional document, which was not really a reflection of the dominant political uses of the time and the founders of the constitution and the government ” Rupture were so aware of the past that they knew they had to look for the front of the bodies that had allowed their meeting, the states that had sent them as a delegate in Philadelphia.

Delegates were allowed to propose reforms to the articles. But it was clear from the beginning that most of them wanted to eliminate all the elements. ”

The same happened in our country. It is also true that most of the triumvirate, R. B. Ambedkar also clearly drafted a constitution, which was ahead of the standards of most of his compatriots, but was accepted in the excitement of the early years of independent living.

There is no doubt that, at present, there are considerable tensions, including violent tendencies. But behind the sloganeering antagonist, in practice there are many and many output, so that the system continues to function.

However, when leaders take stock in a very explicit way – such as when the president of the United States said network tone, he will change the structure – there is a palpable tension. This also applies to India.

The interesting aspect of all this is that in our country in the rarefied world of idealistic politics, attention is focused on more mundane aspects such as economic growth policies.

It is obvious that newspapers are not going to account for the slowdown in industrial growth and careful analysis of the latest CSO data by people as different as myself and my friend Rahul Bajaj.

Modi’s Prime Minister’s talks with President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu Prime urgently suppress to discuss the decline in public and private investment, low growth in manufacturing, EMI falls in early July and the rest.

There is no time to discuss the GST. The GST as value added tax is a step in the right direction and in the long run, will help the economy.

This only occurs if there is a tax on real value added at a single rate or perhaps one of essential elements like food and medicine, and another for the rest as in other countries. The original GST was structured in this way.

But if you have five levels, much of the disaster of the past is taken away again. Interested groups then push for the transfer from one rhythm to another, and the elegant simplicity of the GST is lost.

There are five levels of carrying the sales tax, as it is likely that the five rates cover much of the economy, even now taxed.

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