what is the daily routine of the cadets? How is life at the NDA

About the routine

You wake up at 5 in the morning, get ready for the day, including shaving, having a good bath, with nothing in front of dozens of others like you, then you do some pt, you go to your respective classes, Running in a group or “pack” of 4 morning sessions are one of those
Drill / pt / class Horseback riding / etc.

After this session you will have breakfast at the mercy of your elders, if you are lucky you will have your breakfast after 8 to 1 will attend lectures, after that you come to run to the mess again, and you will eat your Breakfast, it also depends on their elders, after lunch, practice or do pt, then again pt to 6, then you have a study period of 1 hour, during which your car doors are open after That, you dine with your whole team after dinner again you pt, or jogging

There’s a million interesting things about what’s happening out there, and I’d love to share everything, just waiting for how people react to that particular post if I have some good upvotes, I share it all

# Each semester or term has different privileges that are unlocked after doing some certain things


The first ones have the craziest or make privilege mistakes can spoil things and tell the elders who are the first to finish, and all the first termer is assigned to a study (a third termer) who is his father Academy The first termer, It is mentoring, suppressing, makes you become aware of the academy, and mistakes made by the first termer (deputy), must take an overworking punishment for it.

# There is something called “medium-term mood”


If a team or a cadet has done something incredible, you get / get a mood in the medium term, during which no punishment is given to them, they can live like kings at the Academy


# Each squadron has different forms of advertising,

By taking my team as an example, if you want to call anymore,


A second termer is supposed to stairs and shout loud ‘ATTENTION PAYMENT EAGLE SQUAN, C ADET X, S PRINT A, B ZONE OF ATTALION, immediately immediately immediately’

# Now, it was great for me

As I was coming down here used to being a little more rolling towards me, and when I ran up to hide, here used to be a bigger one on the top floor, and I used to be Like, I can not be invisible right?

Thus, the sentences that were used to get the most annoying

Journey of Cader

It is a wonderful journey NDAs 4 cadets. It is a true story of the cadets in the eighties. Many things have changed now in the academy, but the charm remains the same. Book depicts the life of the cadets there. Please read once and I bet you will love it.

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