Kapil Sharma on his fight with Sunil Grover: Nobody knows the truth, I miss everyone too, watch video

In the words of Chandan Prabhakar, his friend Kapil Sharma left the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. And we can not agree more.

Two days later, Kapil failed to shoot an episode of The Kapil Sharma Show with Harry found Jab Sejal Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma due to his health.

But the vine was abominable with the rumors of actor irritating the two stars that made them out of sight. In addition, some said that he had canceled the filming of his film Firangi.

But now, the actor and comedian, on his recent live TV chat from Facebook, avoids gossip hunters. In the live chat he did later on Monday night, the 36-year-old actor talked about his health, episode with Shah Rukh, his infamous trip to Australia and back Sunil Grover at the Kapil Sharma Show.

New in the concept of live chat videos, Kapil looked a little disturbed, comments moving too fast. But one way or another, the actor has worked well and has informed his followers that it is much better now.

Speaking of what happened in the games of his show, he said: “We were filming and I was under energy. Maybe I fainted because overloaded my work and I ‘took a lot of stress.”

Since the Kapil controversy, Sunil is still fresh in the minds of fans of the comedy series, you may not care about the subject.

When someone asked Sunil Grover’s return to the subject, he said, “Sunil is a friend and a brother to me and I even went to meet him, let’s see ..

You can come back whenever you want. “Another social networking user commented that Kapil was unable to handle the fame to which actor actor Firangi said:” Everyone goes through bad phases of life, so this is not true.

On the other hand, there is no original information, so it happened. So if I get the chance, I’ll explain everything. “The actor also had a jumble in small digital media that spread rumors about him and tarnished his public image.

“Our argument was dismantled, they said that he was bitten with my crew to have dinner before me, but I came on the same flight, I did not go on another flight, all these small unauthorized digital channels do to gain popularity.

However, I do not react to all of this and maybe because I do not get my reaction I try to push myself further by posting new rumors every other day, “Kapil said during the speech.

While many have talked about Kapil being indifferent to what happened in Australia and being arrogant about the whole incident, Kapil had another story to tell. “I’m also emotional.

Even during recording, it shows up on my face and on my performance. I also do not care, “Kapil said without taking Sunil’s name, leaving Kapil pledging to meet his fans again with his team, and revealed that he had finished filming his film Firangi soon.

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