A vacuum in the Valley

The condemnation of the attack against Amarnath Yatra comes from the entire political spectrum. However, it is doubtful whether the fragile political consensus on the question of conviction becomes a deep knowledge of what is at stake.

Of course, media reports highlighted the special nature of the Yatra and its reception by the Caxmiris. Here is an extraordinary tradition of more than a century of a place of worship with the support of two different communities – even in the midst of violence and disputes on a subject so critical that the political condition of the Kashmir valley.

From this point of view, the attack is not only exceptional, but it is not characteristic. The sanctuary of Amarnath interfaith and surrounding cooperation represent not only the syncretic traditions of Kashmir, but also mutual respect and practice of living religion separate from politics.

The attack has challenged these basic principles – of decency and respect for man. In fact, it is ironic, but often those who wage a battle in the name of freedom of religion or identity end up denying freedom to refute religion and forbids identity – the others first and then their own members.

In this sense, the attack on the Amarnath Yatra, although despicable, do not surprise us. Just as Pandits were expelled from the valley, this dimension of the separatist movement was exposed in Kashmir which operates on the precipice of a religious division. Targeted pandits meant a speech out Kashmiriyat.

The 1990s introduced the element of religion as a key factor in the Kashmir issue. An attack like the last one emphasizes the deep divisions that the fight in Kashmir knows. This is another example that shows the failure of Kashmiriyat platform.

Of course, even the separatist and militant organizations have expressed their consternation over the attack and we would like to believe that this confusion is genuine. However, the attack has clarified that as a politician “discredited” the valley, pro-Kashmiriyat held lose the script.

They have no control over the situation. Recent events in the valley will support this party. During the stone that attracted national attention, there has been a lack of policy in Kashmir. In fact, the evolution of J & K in the last three years has given a void in the valley.

There is no real voice or the side of official forces, neither the government nor the separatist side. As the state forces are grouped into the ultra-nationalistic, separatist conform to nothing more than a disturbance. Dialogue is the first victim.

Therefore, since the election of the controversial assembly in 2014, we suddenly managed to push the Kashmir valley into non-political terrain. It is this generation gap that the attack is really at the forefront.

Beyond the agony of devotees of death and anxiety about the inability to prevent such attacks; Beyond convictions political correctness, this attack must be considered as part of the story that has taken shape in J & K and in the country.

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